• Go to the Find your Midwife homepage, click on your region on the map or use the midwives tab on the header bar and click to refine your search.
  • Enter the area you live in and the month your baby is due (if you know it).
    This will create a list of registered midwives in your area who are holding a current annual practicing certificate and are members of the New Zealand College of Midwives. It is important to select a midwife close to where you live as after your baby is born your midwife will visit you at home.
  • To narrow your search you can use additional filters: Where you plan to have your baby, language requirements and whether you prefer a Maori or Pasifika midwife.
  • Each midwife’s calendar lets you know which midwives are available depending on the month you are due. PLEASE NOTE: You only need the calendar to show availability for the month in which your baby is due.
  • Click on each midwife’s profile to read more about her. Use this information to choose the midwife that feels like a good match for you. You can contact the midwife by phone or using the contact form on her profile.

Follow the journeys of Hannah and Rachel with their midwives

The Find your Midwife website, created by the New Zealand College of Midwives to help women to find a midwife they can work with best. All midwife members are able to list details on this website. Midwives are required to maintain an annual practicing certificate with the Midwifery Council of New Zealand. You can check a midwife’s practising certificate by looking at the Register of Midwives on the Midwifery Council of New Zealand website.