Will attend births at:
  • Hospital

    Nelson Hospital

  • Birthing Unit

    Motueka Maternity

  • Home

    Including water birth


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Sian Redman

About Me

Congratulations on your awesome news! Being a midwife is humbling, privileged and exciting, and I’d be delighted to walk this amazing journey with you. The focus for me is on creating a trusting relationship, and to give you the tools to enter this next chapter of your life feeling informed and empowered. My woman-centred philosophy means each individual woman, baby and family are at the centre of all decisions - not just 'one size fits all'. As a huge supporter of pregnancy and birth as normal life events - I believe in supporting your body to do what is is physiologically designed to do, however my background means I'm confident if things are/become complex. I've been a Nelson LMC for over 4 years, but my experience has ranged from independent remote community midwifery to big, busy obstetric-led hospital midwifery, across 3 countries. My work is a huge part of who I am, but in my other life you'll find me getting lost in the hills with my trail shoes, mountain bike, or four-legged fur baby :)

How to Get Hold of Me

Please email: midwifeenquiry@outlook.com (shared email with Abby Hanson - please clarify/address which midwife you are enquiring about). Please include your name, where you live and what number baby this is for you. I can send you an information pack that explains more about how I/we work. I work closely with 2 other wonderful and experienced midwives with the same philosophy; each of us have been practising for 10+ years across a variety of settings. Our clinic for antenatal visits is based in Richmond. If I've cared for you in the past - please enquire even if it looks like I'm full for the month you're due! I'd love to hear from you!


  • Wakefield
  • Richmond
  • Mapua
  • Upper Moutere
  • Nelson

Group Practice Partners

Please complete this form if you are seeking midwifery services. If you are attempting to reach midwives for research or marketing purposes please contact the New Zealand College of Midwives.