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Fiona Heares

About Me

I am away from 27 Nov-2 Jan & unable to answer email. "The way a woman gives birth matters. It can affect the whole of the rest of her life." I am an experienced midwife and my particular emphasis is on education to support women towards an empowering journey. My intention is to provide you with safe midwifery care based on researched information to help you make decisions that are best for you & your baby. I believe every woman & family are unique & I tailor my midwifery care and information to meet your individual needs. I think pregnancy & birth for most women are normal processes. They are also life changing events that many women & families find challenging. My midwifery care includes family support & education to prepare & help families through these life changes. I offer home & hospital births. I have an access agreement at Balclutha primary birthing unit for women interested in a primary birth experience & happily offer water birth in all settings. I hold a post-grad certificate in midwifery.

How to Get Hold of Me

I provide midwifery care around Dunedin & I have rooms at 166 Hillside Rd., Sth Dunedin, called Midwives on Main Street. From my rooms I provide antenatal care. Home visits by arrangement for women intending to home-birth. Postnatal care is provided in your home. I offer confidential FREE pregnancy testing I will ensure you have 24/7 cover for any urgent midwifery matter if I am off-call. You will have the opportunity to meet my back-up midwife. You may phone or text me to arrange an obligation free chat or pop into my rooms to meet me. I offer pre-pregnancy health-care advice. You may find out more about my midwifery practice & philosophy by visiting my website. I am unavailable for births end of November until around the 2nd January. I will be away again from 10th January 2020 until around the18th January.


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This contact form is for women seeking midwifery services. If you are attempting to reach midwives for research or marketing purposes please contact the New Zealand College of Midwives on (03) 377 2732