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Will attend births at:
  • Hospital

    Christchurch Women's Hospital

  • Birthing Unit

    St Georges, Lincoln Maternity, Rangiora Hospital

  • Home

    Waterbirth (pool available)


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Edith Van Zelderen

Mindful Midwives

About Me

Hi I'm Edith.Congratulations on your pregnancy! I'm a very optimistic, outgoing midwife, who believes deeply in a woman's ability to give birth naturally. I have over 5 years experience. I encourage women to be fully informed in their pregnancy and childbirth, so decisions during this experience can be made with awareness and choice. I will advocate for you in regard to your choices. I will advise and guide you in this process and ideally it will mean you have a more satisfying birth experience.I care for women from all cultures and backgrounds. If you are having a normal pregnancy you can choose to birth at one of the primary birthing units in and around Christchurch or at home. If your pregnancy is no longer normal and requires medical input, I will remain your Lead Maternity Carer (LMC Midwife), but I will refer you to more specialist services and you may need to birth at Christchurch Women's Hospital. I look forward to sharing your birth journey with you, should you wish to choose me as your LMC Midwife.

How to Get Hold of Me

To book an appointment please text, email or ring during business hours. No facebook messenger please. I work alongside Megan Benson and we have alternate weeks on call. We also work alongside other midwives who back us up if things get busy, but we do not take a large caseload. Antenatal appointments are held in our clinic at Eastern Pharmacy in Aranui on Monday afternoons and Tuesdays. After your baby is born we will visit you at home.


  • Christchurch

This contact form is for women seeking midwifery services. If you are attempting to reach midwives for research or marketing purposes please contact the New Zealand College of Midwives nzcom@nzcom.org.nz